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Python & Django Support Subscription (UK)


World-class Python / Django support for your team

Project-specific advice & consulting

Professional advice and consulting for your new or existing Python 2 / Python 3, Django and Flask projects

Periodic code reviews

Tailored code reviews with suggestions for improvements and refactoring, keeping your code sparkly clean

Tech-debt management

Creation, review, structuring and prioritisation of Tech Debt tasks to help your team stay on top

Software security reviews

Quarterly software security and data safety audits and recommendations with timely critical security updates

Performance optimisation

Review and assistance with Non-Functional Testing. Performance testing & profiling, with speed optimisation recommendations for your back-end code

External dependency reviews

Periodic review of your Python package and external library dependencies, so your project stays up-to-date

Advice with automated testing

Periodic test coverage reviews and recommendations for your unit, functional and integration tests

Help with your documentation

Assistance with creating, structuring and organising internal documentation for code, processes and APIs

Support with 3rd party integrations

Assistance with third party public API integrations (e.g. payment gateways, CRM, SaaS software, external tools) and updates

Automate your software delivery

Consulting for setting up and maintaining efficient Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines

Support with open-source software

Active assistance in creating and tracking OSS issues and tickets that are important to you (coordinating with OSS maintainers)

Convenient access to relevant expertise

You will always be able to reach your dedicated resource coordinator and our subject experts via E-mail and Slack.

EoL/EoS alerting

We keep an up-to-date inventory of your 3rd party dependencies / requirements to alert and assist you on any End-of-Life / End-of-Support / critical security updates.

All of our Python / Django consultants have a minimum of 6 years of relevant industry experience (some of us with over 15 years under our belt) and have designed, built and consulted on a wide variety of back-end and web-based software projects for ambitious local and international clients of all sizes.

We work with each client individually to agree on NDA / confidentiality agreement terms honouring the requirements that are important to you.

Baseline Pricing

The following are baseline prices for the Python/Django support subscription per project/team of up to 3 core devs. VAT will be added where applicable.

  Paid Annually Paid Monthly
Monthly fee £4900 / mo £5700 / mo
Initial on-boarding £4900 £5700

The initial on-boarding fee includes project setup for our local / support installation, with detailed setup feedback and uptdates to your installation docs. An optional initial on-site meeting can be arranged for clients in or around London (up to 3 hours).


Add More Expertise

Your basic subscription includes access to our Python, Django, Flask and PostgreSQL consultants. If your project has some of the following specific needs, you can add further access to experts with the right skills:

Additional Expertise Paid Annually Paid Monthly
Python Data Science / Machine Learning £2400 / mo £2600 / mo
Amazon Web Services (AWS) £1800 / mo £2100 / mo
Front-end (HTML / CSS / Speed optimisation) £1300 / mo £1500 / mo
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) £1300 / mo £1500 / mo
JavaScript / Angular / React £1500 / mo £1700 / mo