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Intensive on-line training in Python / DevOps / Machine Learning with industry leading instructors

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Get the skills and secrets of the highest-paid IT professionals in the UK

and boost your career and income level year after year

Are you ready to super-charge your career and pickup the skills of the highest-paid IT contractors in the UK? Want to do this in just a few weeks, from the comfort of your laptop? You've come to the right place.

These 1-week-increment intensive training on-line classes are lead by industry leading instructors directly on Slack.

While there are no formal requirements, you are expected to have at least some experience with computer programming (ideally with Python) and basic understanding of operating systems, networking and databases. Everything else will be taught to you at the level where you currently are.

A new topic will be introduced every work day of the week, with supporting materials (video / slides / PDF tutorials / exercises). You will then have direct on-line access to the instructors via Slack to ask any questions and receive help and guidance during working hours. You will of course also have 24 / 7 access to all of your fellow fast-track learners to discuss the topics and exchange experiences.

Unlimited access: £120 per week

Pick from 1 up to 8 weeks of courses, in a natural progression and tailored to your current level and your career goals.

In addition, you will have ample opportunity to learn and discuss key career skills and the secrets that have helped bright people like yourself land some of the highest paying IT jobs and contracts in the UK:


Mastering the language, writing "Pythonic" code the way experienced developers do, best software engineering practices and how to deliver big projects in record times.


Cloud technologies (AWS, Kubernetes), deployment pipelines, continuous delivery, monitoring, secure software practices.

Machine Learning

Understanding and using modern toolkits for Natural Language Processing, classification tasks, pattern recognition, forecasting.

+ Pick Your Own Topics

Web programming with Django / Python, databases, web scraping, Celery, or any Python skill that is important to you!

The one IT skill that is currently most in demand

there has never been a better time to master this

The top qualities that IT interviewers look for in candidates

and how to demonstrate that you have just what it takes

What the top 10% highest paying roles have in common

having the right combination of skills

The benefits of contracting over permanent work

and why contracting is the key to higher income

Step-by-step help on how to get started contracting

plus important details on setting up your LTD company

Why (and how) you should tailor your CV for each application

the key to standing out and getting to the interviews

Secrets for negotiating a higher than average contracting rate

how to position yourself as someone worth paying extra for

Tested advice on how to get more time working from home

(hint: don't bring this up in interviews)

Set yourself apart from every other candidate

learn how to demonstrate uniqueness and high value

Get all the professional support you need

to quickly build up your skills, find high-paying roles, and ace that interview

How to keep raising your value (and your rate!)

advancing your career with authenticity and purpose

Why now is the right time to begin contracting

and why in a few years it may be too late

No other resource can prepare you for this level of success

With demand far outweighing supply in London and across the UK, contractors with a specific set of IT skills can command increasingly high rates. Those skills are obtainable, but having the right mind-set and approach to contracting is not something that you are likely to be taught in school.

Now for the first time you can pick up all the right skills and insights in just a few weeks, right from the comfort of your home.

Just send us an e-mail using the "Apply today" button and we will contact you with further instructions on how to secure your place, as well as some questions that will help us tailor the courses to your current situation and your goals.

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