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At A115 we have been building custom business software for the world's leading organisations, fast-growing enterprises and ambitious start-ups since 2007. One thing we have learned is that rapid growth demands adequate preparation (or a very swift response!) Here are some other things we've learned:

We speak your language

When you or your staff talk to us, we speak the language of your business. If we don't know it, we learn it. We are not here to bore you with technical gibberish.

Simple wins

The purpose of software is to simplify, not to add complexity. Your business is already complex enough. Good software is clean, simple and easy to use (so it gets used!)

Drop the licensing costs

No modern business should have to pay extortionate prices for software licenses. All of our custom business software is built with license-free, open-source tools and components.

Long-term assets

Our business is only as successful as your business. We are here for the long-run. Our clients are our partners (80% of our business comes from referrals.)

Does your business software enable you to grow fast? Or is it holding you back?

We only take on a small number of clients each year, because building the right software for you means getting to know your business processes and workflows better than anyone. What we then deliver is something you can not buy anywhere. It's not just software. It's your business, codified, optimised and automated. A core asset. An enabler for growth.

We are based in London and we treat our UK clients with priority.

Articles & Whitepapers

How Software Became the Core of Business — and why enterprise IT is more elusive, yet more important than ever.

UK Software Developers

We are always interested in outstanding talent. If you are a thought leader in modern software engineering or an expert back-end developer with a proven track record and strong experience with Python, Django, Erlang / Elixir, PostgreSQL, or AWS, we want to hear from you. E-mail us a cover letter, CV, Github profile, or whatever you are proud of: jobs@a115.co.uk

Clients we have helped include:


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A115 provides agile software development, business IT consulting and enterprise software solutions worldwide since 2007.

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