Bespoke Business Software Development

Successful organisations use bespoke business software and on-line platforms developed by A115 to gain competitive advantage.

  • Bring your idea to life
  • Quickly build & launch an MVP
  • Create new capabilities
  • Build up an active user-base
  • Focus on your core competencies
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  • Get a modern business website
  • Re-design your existing site
  • Boost on-line sales
  • Bespoke e-commerce solutions
  • Affordable monthly plans
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  • Real-time insights into your business
  • Control operations from anywhere
  • Increase productivity
  • Keep track of staff and resources
  • Free up your time
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  • Implement your competitive strategy
  • Cut costs & increase efficiencies
  • Automate business processes
  • Build new revenue streams
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  • Innovative payment solutions
  • Data-driven tools & platforms
  • Smart cities & e-Government
  • Parking and Transportation
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We are open to discussing opportunities with potential JV partners, value-added resellers, management consultants and more (especially from outside of the IT industry!)

The A115 Technology Stack

Python Software Development

For robust and reliable business process automation tools

Django Software Development

For complex on-line platforms, back-ends and advanced API's

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

For scalable, reliable and secure software running on the Amazon cloud

PostgreSQL Databases

For storing and querying big business data and speedy reporting

Elixir / Erlang
Elixir and Erlang Programming

For fault-tolerant concurrent software and distributed systems

React.js Web Front-ends

For interactive web-based applications with modern user interfaces

Google Maps
Google Maps Software

For visualising GIS data and custom-designed, interactive on-line maps

A115 Technology Stack
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Our Clients

Vitalbox / Docgie