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A115 is a London-based consultancy helping fast-growing businesses and scale-ups build sophisticated on-prem or cloud-based technology platforms when code quality matters.

We specialise in rapidly building, securing and scaling cloud-native greenfield platforms to add new capabilities or expand into new markets. With over 20 years' experience productionising experimental code and complex systems, A115 provides end-to-end services - from initial architecture and infrastructure design through development, deployment and maintenance. Leveraging expertise across industries and technologies like Python, SQL, AWS and Azure, A115 enables clients to launch innovative products faster while ensuring robustness, resilience and regulatory compliance.


Training and Consulting

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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


Code Fast, Scale Secure | About A115 LTD

Many companies today rely on software to gain a competitive edge. However, taking an idea from conception to market-ready product presents significant engineering and infrastructure challenges. A115 has over 20 years experience rapidly building and scaling sophisticated platforms so you can expand into new segments and geographies ahead of rivals.

Our consulting services span the entire product lifecycle - from upfront design and architecture to ongoing maintenance and evolution. We leverage deep expertise across key technologies like Python, AWS, and Azure to create flexible platforms optimized for security, resilience, and regulatory compliance.

Whether you need to productionise a proof-of-concept ML model, build a real-time data pipeline to empower business decisions, or migrate a complex legacy system to the cloud, A115 has the specialized skills to deliver. We complement your in-house capability with senior technologists to get mission-critical initiatives live faster.

Our engagements begin by building a deep understanding of your business, your needs and constraints. We then craft a tailored roadmap reflecting industry best practices to achieve your immediate and long-term goals. Agile sprints focus on clear milestones to de-risk execution while ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Some of the projects we have recently been involved with include:

  • Designed a real-time trading analytics system using Azure serverless technologies to provide competitive edge to a major energy trading company.
  • Created a highly scalable healthcare diagnostics platform using machine learning that provides medical advice to patients.
  • Built an innovative e-commerce engine to optimize pricing and drive growth for one of the UK's largest media companies.
  • Pioneered a cloud-based platform using AWS media services to enable on-demand video streaming capabilities for a telecommunications provider.
  • Led development of a proprietary accounting software platform tailored to each client's needs that integrates with government APIs for streamlined compliance.
  • Architected a data pipeline on AWS to process streaming financial data for a leading investment firm to gain ESG insights and trading advantages.
  • Headed up software modernization initiatives through developing microservices and implementing devops for a large financial institution.
  • Created an algorithmic trading platform to automate power auction participation using machine learning models.
  • Built a highly customizable B2B media marketplace on AWS to meet needs of media companies globally.
  • Worked on a specialised accounting, invoicing and payroll platform for the UK film industry.
  • Built processes and automation to establish and maintain a baseline code quality across dozens of in-house Python codebases for a leading AI / ML player in the insurance industry.
  • Helped automate and improve workflows at a fast-growing UK delivery company.

In the process, we have helped create transformative solutions that generate competitive advantages, optimise processes, unlock insights, boost efficiency, and drive tangible growth and bottom line impact for our clients.

Get in touch today to discuss your specific challenges. Let A115's technology consulting team help you gain first-mover advantage and results that speak for themselves.