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A115 is a London-based consultancy helping fast-growing businesses and scale-ups build sophisticated on-prem or cloud-based technology platforms when code quality matters.

We specialise in rapidly building, securing and scaling cloud-native greenfield platforms to add new capabilities or expand into new markets. With over 20 years' experience productionising experimental code and complex systems, A115 provides end-to-end services - from initial architecture and infrastructure design through development, deployment and maintenance. Leveraging expertise across industries and technologies like Python, SQL, AWS and Azure, A115 enables clients to launch innovative products faster while ensuring robustness, resilience and regulatory compliance.


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The Contrarian's Guide to Thriving as a UK Software Contractor Outside IR35

Ready to break free from the employee grind and take control of your software engineering career? Discover the contrarian's guide to thriving as a contractor outside IR35 in the UK with your own LTD company. Challenge the myths, embrace the business mindset, and unlock a world of opportunities from day one. Get ready to redefine your career trajectory and soar to new heights in the realm of contracting.

Python Software Engineering Course

Elevate your tech career with our Python Software Engineering Course, led by industry expert Jordan Dimov. This 6-month program, exclusively featuring Jordan's pioneering book, is designed to transform beginners into skilled professionals, ready to tackle production-quality coding challenges. Secure a spot for in-depth learning of Python fundamentals, software engineering principles, and hands-on projects.

How studying abstract math can make you a better coder

This book review analyzes Eugenia Cheng's "The Joy of Abstraction" and its relevance for software engineers, breaking down concepts from category theory and linking them to principles like abstraction and modular architecture in modern software design through an accessible, intuitive explanation. The review highlights how Cheng's approach of focusing on relationships rather than objects themselves mirrors techniques for building flexible and reusable component systems in coding.

Book review: Sets for Mathematics - A Foundational Guide for Software Engineers

In an increasingly complex and interconnected digital landscape, technical excellence demands multifaceted critical thinking. Through intuitive delivery and conceptual interlinking, the book “Sets for Mathematics” both enables and motivates intellectual growth. It represents an outstanding high-level mental gym for the software engineering mind.

Re-introduction to Python for Software Engineering

The new book by our founder Jordan Dimov bridges the canyon between Python coding dabblers and masters of enterprise-grade software. It distills decades of computer science learnings into a practical software engineering bootcamp within the versatile Python ecosystem. Equipping devs with robust abstraction models, efficient data architectures and reusable logic patterns, this guide promises to rapidly transform scattered scripting into the modular, test-driven building blocks of tomorrow’s robust digital infrastructure.

Essential Skills of Effective Modern Software Engineers

The software development ecosystem continues advancing rapidly - mastering the latest languages and tools is no longer enough. In this comprehensive guide, we outline the essential technical and business analysis skills aspiring software engineers need to thrive in the modern era of cloud, containers and CI/CD. From advocating Linux over Windows to stressing deep specialization in a core backend language rather than superficial knowledge of many, we provide actionable recommendations to help you future-proof your career or improve your team. For those seeking hands-on mentoring from industry experts, we also offer bespoke bootcamp-style training programs in Python-based technologies to efficiently equip you with these versatile skill sets.

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