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A115 is a London-based consultancy helping fast-growing businesses and scale-ups build sophisticated on-prem or cloud-based technology platforms when code quality matters.

We specialise in rapidly building, securing and scaling cloud-native greenfield platforms to add new capabilities or expand into new markets. With over 20 years' experience productionising experimental code and complex systems, A115 provides end-to-end services - from initial architecture and infrastructure design through development, deployment and maintenance. Leveraging expertise across industries and technologies like Python, SQL, AWS and Azure, A115 enables clients to launch innovative products faster while ensuring robustness, resilience and regulatory compliance.


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Industry insights for business and technology leaders
2 posts

Rethinking Front-End Overengineering in Business Software

This article makes the contrarian case that relying on server-side frameworks like Django and FastAPI for HTML generation leads to faster, cheaper, and less complex business software than overengineered JavaScript front-end frameworks - countering the myth that more sophisticated UIs inherently provide superior user experiences.

The Curse of Cloud Database Costs: Why On-Prem is Making a Comeback

This in-depth analysis examines the hidden long-term costs of cloud databases and makes the case for repatriating database infrastructure back on-premises. With detailed anecdotes and data points, it provides technical leaders and decision makers pragmatic insights into optimizing one of their company's most critical assets - data infrastructure.

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Industry Insights

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